Eating Healthy is the New Cool

One year four months ago, I fractured my tibia in four locations.  I had emergency surgery that night and reconstructive surgery 2 weeks later.  It was an extreme change in the lives of my family.  I was restricted from walking for 6 months and then the recovery process started.  It was a long and painful experience in my life.  Naturally it changed my life for almost an entire year.  In that time, I had put on a lot of weight due to a combination of things.  But it wasn’t just the accident that caused the weight gain.  Prior to that I got married, had children and was in a career that I did not love.  All of this took me from a strong, healthy and dedicated to my health, weighing in at 177 lbs. and now almost 7 years later from that time in my life, I now weigh 250 lbs (for the record the marriage, kids and job was not the problem, is why my lack of discipline to sustain during a time period of change).  Good habits can be formed just as quickly as bad ones can.  As you can see in a short 7 year period I put on over 70 lbs.  Which is not doing wonders for the joint where the fracture took place.  I have fully committed to make a change here’s how.

I work with a rock star who has made health and fitness his top priority.  He has a very impressive background in athletics ranging from basketball, golf, water skiing, mountain biking and his most recent passion is training for triathlons.  Chris’s goal is to complete and then compete against his best time, in the grueling Iron Man Race.  He has been a considerable influence in my progress moving forward.  There is a lot to be learned about health and fitness.  I will never claim to be an expert but an enthusiast.  I am on a passionate pursuit to learn and grow in this area of my life.

There is two reasons why I decided to blog about this topic:

  1. I wanted to document this journey to hopefully inspire others to make the commitment to live a healthy life.
  2. Accountability, now that I have started to write on this topic, I am now owning it publicly.

There is such a common misunderstanding that you have to spend hours at the gym every week in order to lose weight.  Although this is very beneficial and I would recommend it to anyone that is willing to make the time to invest it in an activity that they enjoy.  It’s what we eat that makes the biggest difference.  There are so many diet plans out there and for many they work well.  I think the area we all struggle in is consistency.  Finding a diet plan that you enjoy is a big struggle.  The choice that I have made is to cut out all sugars, grains and legumes.  The first time I heard of this type of plan, I thought there is no way I could ever do that, SUGAR, how is that possible? There is sugar in everything we eat and there are a lot of people that benefit from that financially.  The Keto diet is the one that I follow.  I don’t feel like what I eat is a struggle.  For example, last night I started with a spinach salad with blue cheese crumbles, bacon and ranch dressing, a piece of chicken that was marinated for 24 hours prepared in a skillet with a side of roasted brussels sprouts that had was sautéed in bacon and onions, it was truly amazing.  In my free time, I find myself looking up Keto recipes to plan for my next week.

I strongly believe that we can accomplish anything, once you define the goal, create a plan to achieve it and have laser focus on the plan.  It’s very simple but extremely difficult to do, because it requires daily discipline focused around your plan.  Knowing that principle, you would think that I am crushing my disciplines daily, not so much.  It’s a struggle, but the reward is so sweet.  Here’s exactly what I am doing.  I eat for only 8 hours per day, I choose 12 am – 8 pm, there is not required time frames to do this, just pick what works best for your daily schedule.  It’s sounds hard, you will be surprised how simple this is once you commit to doing it. Next is I don’t eat or drink any sugar, no grain of any kind and no legumes (which I just found out that black beans are on that list, which is in the turkey chili I made that is chilling in my freezer).  I weigh myself twice per day not for the measurement of my weight, which of course is being done anyone.  I do it for accountability, it’s a reminder twice a day, that my health is a focus in my life.

Here’s the bottom line is that I am sick and tired of felling sick and tired physically and mentally from eating poorly.  I have only been doing this for a few short weeks and I have not been disciplined.  However, I refuse to quit and I keep score every day.  I decided that I would run in seven day sprints, broken down into a daily habit.  I stay in the present moment and embrace today for the wonderful day that it is.  This change in thinking about my health has propelled me into a positive direction in so many other areas (Keystone Habits).  As for exercise, I am going to a Tri Bike shop today, to start the journey of doing aquabike events.  I have big fitness goals as well as eating great.  It feels so amazing to be chasing something of such major significance.

Always Passionate,


Luke Noble


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