Everyone on earth has a personal maximum human potential. An upper limit of success, wealth, happiness, relationships, and health that their lives could achieve while living.

One hard truth is not everyone’s potential is equal. Factors such as wealth, geographic location, genetics, education, family support, and many others all work for or against an individual.

While some of these factors are unchangeable, and some are extremely difficult to change, there are others that can be affected that will help move us towards walking that line of our maximum potential.

The mission of The Friday Rally is to:

  • Explore the ideas, concepts, and knowledge of the world that helps us be our best selves.
  • Then implement those ideas, concepts, and knowledge into our lives through action.
  • To shrink the gap between the path we are on and the path that leads us to our best selves.

We may not ever discover the meaning we are all searching for but closing this gap is as close as we can get. For the Friday Rally this is the Just Cause.