Chamber Networking

When we joined our firm we were both starting from zero. Neither of us had any experience in the financial industry. We both had plenty of experience in other areas of our lives and career but not in the world of investing. We were, and still are, largely unknown to our peers and community.

To remedy our situation of being unknown we made the intentional decision to get involved with local the chamber of commerce. They have events all year long where we can meet the people in our community. One particular event is called a coffee connection. They are held in the morning at local businesses of chamber members. Other chamber members show up to network and chat before the work day starts. We thought this would be a great first event, low stakes and no agenda.

One strategy we stick to with chamber events is to be community and relationship focused. We are not there to pitch our firm to anyone who will listen,we went with the intention of meeting people and building relationships. We plan on working in this community until we retire, we don’t want to be “those guys” who are trying to sell you something constantly.

The event itself was held at the Pure Barre studio in Plymouth. It was an impressive place. Professional, fun, and I have heard it is quite a work out. I don’t think I will be attending anytime soon, however I did get a gift certificate for my wife. While there I met a lot of chamber members and business owners. I had a great conversation with Teresa who is the owner of Espresso Elevado. It is an artisan coffee bar. I told Teresa I had plans to bring some of the people in my howe brew club in so we can taste different coffees to use in our brewing. The conversation was great and it may lead to a possible event at Espresso Elevado.

Overall it was a success. We are looking forward many more coffee connections to come. If you want to see a video of the early crowd check it out below.



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