2017 Livonia State of the City Address

Last week on March 16, 2017, Chris and I attended a luncheon at Laurel Manor in Livonia for the 2017 Livonia State of the City Address.  There was over 530 people that showed up that day to support the community.  The Mayor, Dennis Wright was speaking that day.  The venue was highly impressive, it was recorded from the filming crew who just covered an event for Donald Trump.  The atmosphere was elegant, the staff was courteous and the food was very good.

The Major covered a lot of information that was all positive to the community and the people.  Amazon is under construction for a service center that is a 1,000,000 sq. ft. building and will add 1,000 employees in the near future.  Masco is almost finished with a 90,000 sq. ft. building on Haggerty Rd. that you can see from I-275.  Ford Motor Company, the city’s largest employer, announced $1.4 billion in investments in the coming years to several of its properties in Livonia.  Aside from all the amazing business development, real estate is going up another 4%, there is a new dog park going in and a major plan going forward for improvements to the parks in the city.

I am invert who is social, that may sound odd, but there are varying levels of inverts and extroverts.  For me as an invert, I get my recovery time by being alone to myself where it is the opposite for extroverts, that prefer to be around people.  I share this because going to large events has not been my favorite thing to do.  However, when something is a challenge for me, I stare it down and tackle it.  So, against my normal instincts I push myself monthly to attend this type of events.  It would be so easy to not go, I believe these are choices that make a big difference in your growth and character.

livonia luncheon 2017

As, I am sitting at the round table number 59 stage left.  I had the opportunity to talk with a few great gentlemen.  Brian who owns a company that provides gifts for corporations, had a great story about how he came up with an idea to make his own candles and that is now his number two selling gift, to his popcorn that he makes himself.  Duane is an attorney for a firm out of Farmington Hills.  He specializes in real estate contracts and servicing a very large non-for profit organization in Michigan.  Had I made the easy choice to not attend, I would have not had the opportunity to meet some great people.  One of which is going to lead to a potential opportunity for us to help Duane with his not for profit client.

It was my pleasure to attend that event.  You hear things like “It’s the people that make a community” and this statement could not be truer for the city of Livonia.  From the Major, local business owners to the police officers, the fire fighters to all the city employees and the most important, the people.  There is such a commitment to improvement for this fine city.  I am happy and proud to be a member.


Laser Focused,

Luke Noble