Race Week

This Saturday is my first race of the season. I’m pumped! The race is only a sprint distance event, but it is my first race in a while so it will be a good warm-up for the rest of the summer.

The race is the Island Lake Triathlon. The distances are 750-meter swim, 12-mile bike ride, and a 5k run.

Nobody in my life has ever watched me compete and said: “Wow, that guy is fast!”. With that being said, I will share my time goal with you. I don’t have a goal breakdown for each event but overall I would like to finish in less than 1:30. There is usually a little inconsistency with the sprint distance. Sometimes the swims are longer or shorter. Sometimes the bike rides are a little longer or shorter as well. I can somewhat gauge how I think I will finish and I would be happy finishing under 1:30.

My training has been going pretty well. This year I have been trying to be more strategic with my workouts. I try to be mindful of my time. To train better in less time I have started to incorporate HIIT into every one of my workouts. I read a book called The One Minute Workout recently. It detailed the science behind interval training. I finished the book and started to incorporate the concepts into my training efforts immediately.

While I intellectually understand the concepts and trust the validity of the research, old habits die hard. I haven’t completely let go of the old way of training. The book shows how you can work out with much shorter distances in much less time and get the same race day results as the people who train long distances. I find myself not completely trusting this idea. I still run some longer distances sessions at moderate paces just to confirm that I have the stamina to finish the whole race at a reasonable pace. (I will get across the line anyway I can but I would prefer not to walk). I know I can avoid doing that but it’s hard to change. I’m working on it.

This week I will finish up my last few prep workouts and focus on my diet. I will be as ready as I can be on Saturday. If you would like to come watch the gun goes off at 7:30am at Island Lake State Park.

Wish me luck.




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