Success Updates

Right now I am in the thick of triathlon season. I have entered 5 races this year. With 2 already completed. If you remember my first race this year I had a goal of completing the race in under 1 hour 30 minutes. I came in in 1 hour and 23 minutes. I was happy with every aspect of my performance.

I have completed my second race of the season just last week. It was the Motor City Tri in Detroit. I was even more excited for this race than the first one. Mainly because I was able to get a brand new bike. A bike I have wanted for a very long time. It was time and this race was her debut.

She is beautiful and I love her.


With my new bike and a flat course (the whole race was on Belle Isle) I wanted to go even faster than the Island Lake Race. My training went well up to the race. My only concern was I had only rode the bike 1 time before race day. I didn’t know how I would react on race day.

I shouldn’t have worried. My bike split was the fastest I have ever went on a bike. It was so fun. There is also a property of the design of the bike that I was aware of but didn’t know the extend of its effects. A triathlon bike is set up differently than the usual road bike. It has angles that help your legs spend less energy so it is easier to get off the bike and run. I was shocked how much of a difference It made. I ran my fastest run split by far. Plus it was directly after my fastest bike split. I couldn’t believe it.

My total time was 1 hour 17 minutes. 6 minutes faster than just 2 weeks ago. I don’t think I have ever been this in shape in my life.

And to top it all off I got to race with my buddy Josh. It was a great time.

Chris and Josh

So, the race was awesome. And that focus on training and being better is spilling over into other parts of my life as well. It is a positive feedback loop that is working magically towards my goals.

If you have been reading you also know that I am working on my CFP certification. I am on my 3 section of 7 right now. I did have a setback earlier when I failed my tax exam. You can refresh yourself here.

Well, I spent hard time studying the areas where I was weak and really focused on the details I missed the first time around.

So, this morning I attempted the exam again and passed. It was hard, and it took many days of studying but it is done. The confidence of racing well, keeping fit, eating healthy, and seeing success in my career has been just amazing. All cylinders are firing and things are flying down the highway of life.

But, I know that things can be fleeting. Circumstances can change very fast. That is why I am always grateful of where I am at, and of what I have. I work hard everyday because of it. It would be a waste not to attempt to be the best person I am capable of being.

I am not there yet but I try to get a little closer every day. I hope you are too.



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