Why does the Friday Rally suck so bad?



Not committed

These are some of the attributes that I have displayed when trying to write Friday Rally posts lately. There is no excuse for lapsing on my efforts. The truth is I have prioritized other tasks in my life over posting a weekly article.

I hate when people say they don’t have time for this or that. It isn’t a matter of time it’s a matter of priority. We all make time to do the things we want to do, or the things we must do. Regardless if it is intentional or unintentional, constructive or unconstructive, we prioritize every task in life. We do it every day, myself included.

I have been enrolled in an accelerated CFP course over the last year. It has been extremely time consuming and difficult. It consisted of 6 areas of study and a case study. The 6 textbooks were as large or larger than any college textbook I have used in the past. It took a lot of mental effort.

The case study was the integration of all the knowledge and material learned over the last year. It too was long and difficult. While I was working on the case study I didn’t post many articles. I wanted to, but my priority changed. I had to finish the case study and pass by a tight deadline. If I didn’t pass I would have had to push my CFP Board exam out months, something I didn’t want to do.

The good news is I passed the 6 classes and the case study by the intended deadline. The bad news is I might still be inconsistent with the posts at least until the end of March. That is when I will take the final exam to get the CFP accreditation. I will put in some effort to posting on the Friday Rally but if I must prioritize studying for the final that’s what I will so.

However, after I get through the exam I fully intend to write with a renewed vigor. I am making some plans to take the Friday Rally to the next level. Be patient, it will get there, it just takes time.




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