Triathlon Season 2018 – It Begins


This winter has been going on and on and on. It seems never ending but the cold white beast is starting to release its grip on us. It is staying lighter later in the evening and the sun is coming up earlier in the morning. There has also been a slight warm up in temp. All these little signals are getting me pumped to run my first triathlon of the year.

I have signed up for an olympic race in early June. Less than 2 months. I feel like a kid on Christmas. I am so excited to kick up the training outside and get that first race in.

My plan for the year is to run 2 olympic distance races, 1 half ironman distance, and 1 sprint race. They will be in June, July, August, and September.

I am also hopeful that I will be able to lower my times significantly from last year. I have spent all winter on my new bike trainer. I spun hundreds of miles in my pain cave. It has to pay off right?

Additional good news is that I have recruited on of my sisters to enter the race too. Her first one. While I will be doing an olympic distance she has opted for the mini sprint race. It’s going to be a family event.

I will keep the progress and results posted as the summer progresses.



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