Tea, Coffee, and Becoming a Center of Influence

I recently shared that I was at a chamber of commerce event at World of Beer. At that event I had met many people and struck up a particularly good conversation. You can get caught up from the first post here. So, to continue the story, I has asked Jeff if he would be open to talking with me at a future meeting. He agreed and today was the day for that meeting.

Jeff owns Adair Coaching where he coaches business professionals. While I do not yet have a grasp on the full scope of Jeff’s skills and areas of expertise, I do know that he works with business owners, executives and people new to management positions.

Jeff and I met at the Coffee Bean in Plymouth. A nice little coffee shop with a truly unique atmosphere. I had a tea, Jeff ordered a coffee. We found a table and began to talk. I told Jeff about my path to becoming a financial adviser. Then I began to outline what I thought our relationship could be going forward.

There is a success principal that I am trying to craft as one of the center pieces of my career. I want to become a center of influence. I am trying to build relationships with other professionals in different industries. Relationships with people I trust, and with people who are great at what they do. Having this network established will bring huge value to my clients and associates. When I uncover a need one of my clients has or a problem they need help solving I will be able to point them to the answer through my network. This tactic may have many names but I know it by “The Canvas Strategy”. If you want to do more reading see this blog post by Ryan Holiday, or listen to this podcast by Tim Ferriss.

Utilizing this strategy whenever possible is hopefully going to position me as a center of influence. This will have a two fold effect of serving those around me as well as bring success to my own career.

So, I explained to Jeff that I am going to be working with 401k plans and participants. This will bring me into contact with business professionals. If I am serving these people correctly I am going to find out what issues they need help to overcome. When it is appropriate I will have Jeff available to recommend to them. It will be a win-win-win situation.

Jeff listened to what I had explained to him and understood immediately. He mentioned that he was looking for the exact same thing. Now, we have to understand what each of us has to offer the world.

We will be meeting again soon to dive deeper and to keep working on developing the relationship. I will let you know how it goes.



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