The Wide World of Beer

There has been an event on my calendar for weeks that I have been very excited to attend. A chamber networking event at World of Beer in Canton. I knew it was going to be a popular event. The venue and quality of people did not disappoint. There were 200+ people in a private room with some of the best pizza, beer, and wings I have ever had. To see the atmosphere check out the video link below.


The networking events are pretty exciting for me because I am still new to the Plymouth chamber. I love to meet the people in my community and be involved. It is rewarding to build those relationships that support local businesses and people.

As I was mingling around the room I had 3 significant discussions. While I chatted with many others I got a chance to dig deeper with three individuals. One specific person’s story stood out to me because of the space he worked in. His name is Jeff Adair and he is an executive and business coach. He mentioned to me he works with business owners who are looking to develop succession plans for when they exit their businesses. While he coaches other areas of business this was the topic that stood out to me the most. You could find more information about what other services Jeff offers at his website

I asked Jeff if he would be willing to get a coffee sometime to discuss further what he does. I am always looking to find strategic partners to utilize for the purposes of providing my clients with the resources they need to be successful. My focus in the 401k space will have the potential to bring me in contact with business owners who may need help with succession someday. If I could pass on Jeff’s information to them, and it is useful, that would be so rewarding and helpful for all parties. It would go a long way to developing deeper relationships all around.

We will see how the relationship develops and I will keep you all posted.



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