Quick Hits and a Thanksgiving Rally

Having a platform like The Friday Rally has been awesome. It is a place to get my thoughts down into something useful. Instead of thinking and forgetting then maybe remembering and forgetting again, my thoughts have a place to live. It is a place to go so I can see them, read them, and evaluate them to see if they were worthy ideas or not.

It is also a place that others can visit too. Maybe someone has similar thoughts and ideas as I do and the posts will help spark some additional connections in their minds that will help them with their lives. There are many goals of The Friday Rally, but being useful to other people is the overarching goal.

There are however limitations to this platform, mainly self imposed. The posts are usually long. They take time to read and if a visitor doesn’t have the time to sit down and read the post it won’t be helpful for them. Secondly, I like to have my thoughts supported with evidence and formed logically. While I might not always have the most flowing article I do try to follow a standard. The problem with the standard is it takes time to create the posts. It is not something that I could do everyday.  Once a week is the goal but sometimes that extends further as some of you know.

So, with long posts that take time to read and create there is a lot of time during the week that is empty. What I would like to do is give you all something more in-between the rally posts.

The weekly posts are generally on a topic that interests me at some moment in my life, but I come across dozens of ideas that don’t necessarily warrant turning into full rally posts but I would like to share in some way.

For example you know that I have a scary goal of reading 2500 books in my lifetime. I have already started executing on that goal by reading everyday. The volume of books alone will be bound to have interesting and useful ideas. I have already noticed this issue. There will be a quote or something interesting that I would like to share with you but it isn’t appropriate for The Friday Rally.

So, to fix this I am going to start posting more frequently on Instagram. If you read this blog we are probably already connected on IG but if not you can find me here. I will also start to include the IG posts on The Friday Rally. Short and sweet. A quick hit to bridge the gap from Friday to Friday.

We will see how this goes. I hope you like it.





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