Read, Think, Act, Know

Stoicism is a philosophy for living your life to the best of your ability no matter your circumstances. The circumstances of our lives are hugely variable. Some people have it really bad, some people don’t. We can’t change the hand we were dealt. What we can do is control how we respond, how we act going forward.

Stoicism is action. It teaches us to work consistently, to be steady, and to keep moving forward over every obstacle. Talk is talk and it gets us nowhere. Progress is taking action.

We must have a guiding value in our lives that drives us forward. A lot of people don’t, and thats ok, but figuring it out has to be a priority. A guiding value is what can sustain us. Motivation is fleeting, inspiration is short lived, an internal compass is what keeps us going even when we don’t feel like doing what we have to do.

These quotes from Meditations are just two little gems among many. They were true then, they are true now. They help me think then act. Action means progress.


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