Do The Hard Things

Staying in your comfort zone is so easy. We love it, of course we do, its our comfort zone. The place makes us feel good. It helps us to avoid being stressed out. It keeps our fears at bay.

But it is an empty place. There is no satisfaction, no achievement, and no goals waiting to be smashed. It is a place that invites you to go nowhere.

Everything we want out of life is found outside of our comfort zone.

The difficulty we all face is our modern life with all of its conveniences. Everything around us makes it so hard to escape comfort. Our lives are built on convenience and ease. We can get everything we would ever want delivered in 2 days.

But, comfort kills.

Sitting on your couch watching TV every night for your whole life will kill you.

Eating delicious cheese burgers and fries every week will kill you.

These things might not kill you immediately but don’t deceive yourself, they will kill you.

It is nearly an impossible task but we all must try our hardest to exit our comfort zone. Doing the hard things are what will make our lives worthwhile. The hard things are what will move us towards our goals.

It is hard to eat right but it will keep us healthy and help us live long.

It is hard to get up early to exercise but it will make us stronger.

It is hard to get off the couch and work on a side hustle when you are tired from working all day but it will move us to our financial goals.

These things are hard but they are not the hardest part. The hardest part is the choice. We must all choose to take the hard road. We must choose the things that make us uncomfortable because that choice, the choice to do what is hard, is the only path that leads to what we truly want out of life.





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