Merge the Curve

Is it possible to be the best version of our selves? If we put our lives into a simulation and made every right decision possible for our entire lives who would that person be?

After we get to the end of our lives how will we stack up to that simulation? Will we be 50% or 80% our best selves? I get a huge hit of anxiety when I think of that day. Not that I care much for the day I die, but I care deeply for those last moments of reflection and the realization that the choices I have made are now done. I walked my path and that is it. Was it enough to live up to the best I could be? Did I hold back and not become the best possible person I could have given my life situation and genetics.

It is an impossible situation to forecast. We will probably always get off track. But, it is never too late to begin correcting course. We can all start right now and make the next best decision that shows up on our path. Given our current state and all we know about where our lives are at right now there is a choice to make that is the best choice.

Just make the next right choice, then after that, make the next right choice, and over and over. You will eventually get nearer the optimal life path that will lead you to the person you can become.

This is not an easy task. The next right choice is rarely the easy choice. It is usually the choice we know we must make but can’t bring ourselves to get going. Getting up early to workout. Skipping desert to control our calories. Turning off Netflix to get a full night of sleep.

In the moment these are hard actions to overcome.  The easy thing is not the right choice, and we all know it. But you don’t have to let it become overwhelming. Trying to be perfect is impossible. We can never hold up to that standard.

But, you can make the next right choice. You just have to do it once. Just one time, the next opportunity. Don’t worry about all the rest of the decisions to come later. Just make the next right choice and you will be move toward your best possible self.



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