The Moment of Control

We all experience emotion. No matter how calm and cool you think you are your emotions are still there. It is part of being a human.

Sometimes experiencing those emotions can motivate us to new highs. Sometimes our emotions cause us to lose our cool and we sink to new lows.

When we feel an emotion then act upon those feelings there is a sliver of a special moment that develops. It is nearly imperceptible but it is there. This is the moment of control. It is this moment that means everything. It is the moment between your emotion and the choice to act because of that emotion.

You have to learn to look for that moment. You have to train yourself to realize it is there. It will not be easy, but it is what defines those of us who have self control and those of us that don’t.

In this moment you have options. One option to decide whether to act impulsively driven by your emotion or the other option to take a second to gather yourself and turn away from being reactionary towards a controlled choice of what to do next. Those who have this control are the ones who seem like they are level headed. They are the people who seem to always be doing the right thing. They always seem to have everything going for them. They always seem to catch every lucky break.

It is not luck it is control.

They take that moment and decide what they are going to do next and not let that emotion drive them into acting on impluse towrds the wrong path.

The next time you feel an emotion, and it could be negative or positive, just look for that moment. Use it to choose what you will do next. Don’t let it get away.

If you can control that moment you can control your life.

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