Correcting Course

We all know that the path to greatness is long, narrow, and lonely. If we choose that path it will be difficult and there will be times that we will lose our way. Sometime it is our own fault. Sometimes the world throws us aside as she turns. It will happen to all of us. We must correct our course.

It is critical to not give up, ever. It is critical to get back on the path as soon as possible. Correct your course. The longer you stay away from your path the harder it becomes to get back on the straight and narrow. You will also find that you may be starting again 3 turns back. Lost ground to make up just to get back to where you were.

What does this look like in real life?

Imagine you are working out regularly and doing great on your diet. Then, it’s a long holiday weekend and you go away with your family. You have intentions of staying strict but then you have desert one night and a huge a stack of pancakes the next morning. A couple of extra drinks the night before you go back home and you don’t have time after you unpack to work out. You go straight to bed.

The next day is your test. It becomes really easy to eat what you want on that day. Maybe take another rest day. Pretty soon you haven’t worked out in 10 days. You are off your path. You knew it was happening but your momentum has stalled and it is so hard to get the wheel rolling again.

When this happens you need to dig deep right away. Do not get mad at yourself for the mental slip up that kicked over that first domino. It will never help. Just accept it and work towards getting back on the path as soon as you can. That is the only solution.

Exercise and diet is the easy example. But it can happen to you in any area of your life. Writing a blog, your job, your reading habit, walking your dog, anything.

These slip ups will happen over and over again throughout your life. You will never be perfect, but you can get better at getting back on course. Your mental fortitude will get tougher as you make mistakes and get yourself back on track.

Correct your course, correct it right now.

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